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Aloha & Mahalo for Checking In

Aloha means "to be happy with" and mutual regard & affection with no obligation in return. It's more than just hello and goodbye.  Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to  every other person for collective existence.  Aloha is Unconditional Love!!

On Sunday, September 4th, I will be singing from the heart with Brian Nakasone at the New Thought Center of Hawaii in Kealakekua, as NTCH celebrates its 45th Birthday!!   All are welcome to the service from 10-11:30am (childcare is provided).   If you want to your life experience to be happier and more peaceful, contact me.  I enjoy teaching, singing, praying and being loving, and I am available for private sessions, classes, and workshops. 

If you're ready to heal old wounds and change fearful thoughts to ones of faith, I can help you navigate through sadness, anger, jealousy, etc. and take steps toward genuine happiness.  Call today for a free consultation! 808-938-8452.

Our Loving Groups practice caring about each others' happiness by listening and offering support as we share the truth about ourselves.  Free one-hour Conference Calls are offered every day of the week by trained Hosts and you can call from anywhere. Visit www.loving-groups.com and attend any of our free weekly loving support group meetings from 6-8PM in Kealakekua on THURSDAYS.   Check out the Events page on this site for more details of these and other scheduled happenings, or visit www.meetup.com/kona-loving-groups.

Together we are learning about unconditional love, while practicing being more loving to ourselves and whoever is around us. The principles are universal and we realize that to change requires intention, daily practice, and at least one loving, supportive friend in whom we trust

Mahalo for your visit!  Call or write me if you have comments or questions about living from the Heart or would like to have a complimentary mini-session.   I look forward to hearing from you & ideally meeting You.

Heart Smiles

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