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BOOK STUDY: IGNITING GREATNESS (Howard Glasser) begins onTuesday, May 22nd, from 4-5:30 pm Hawaii time at New Thought Center of Hawaii.  We'll read on our own, then meet to discuss for 8 weeks.  Read through Page 55 before May 22nd and feel free to Join us in person or via Zoom  (video conference or telephone). Call me if have any questions: 808.938.8452


The Introduction to Safe Conversations workshop is a success!  Learn more through marriage counselors, life partners and co-authors (Hendrix & Hunt), by visiting  www.relationshipsfirst.org.  If you are interested in participating in practice sessions here on the Kona side or via Zoom, gather your partner and friends and let's find a time and location to meet...


Loving Groups is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which offers weekly group meetings, daily Conference Calls, and Retreats.   Find out  more at www.loving-groups.org

For our local calendar, visit www.meetup.com/kona-loving-groups and Join. 

This inner work we do can be tough, so we play also, having social events together, like going to the beach, movies, birthday potlucks, game night, hiking, etc.   

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Dances of Universal Peace at New Thought Center of Hawaii on the Second Sunday of each month (next one is SEP 9th) from 6-7:30pm.  Together we sing sacred phrases from a myriad of spiritual traditions that grace the Earth, while dancing as we see and honor the Beloved in each of us.  It's a Heart Opening Experience for Men & Women. 

  FREE:  Donations welcome. Call Swami Om 808-323-3344 or visit www.dancesofuniversalpeacena.org for more info.