Davina Mar

Unconditional Loving Life Coach      Spiritual Guide

Once you and I have talked about Unconditional Love and how it can bring more happiness to your life, I offer a Special 2-Hour Introductory Coaching Session for  $75, so you can see if I am a match for your coaching needs.

“I am so grateful I was led to the unconditional love principles and Davina. This work, unlike anything else I’ve done (and I’ve done a lot!) has been incredibly and truly life-shifting for me….Davina is a very wise spiritual guide who is steadfast, generous, supportive, very loving and unfathomably patient. She was meant to do this!  I will always be grateful for her guidance, love and wisdom on my journey.”    – Addie in Colorado

As we learn and understand the principles of unconditional love and practice being more loving, our hearts and minds open to the Love that is all around us.  Then we are free of outside influences, enjoying more peace and happiness within.  

Universal principles are always operating in our world. Practicing being loving leads to greater happiness in all relationships (spouse/partner, children, parents, co-workers, neighbors, etc.)  "Whatever the question, Love is the Answer."

Coach with me if you want to understand:
 the real cause of anger and conflict in relationships of all kind
  • the real cause of fear and anxiety in our individual lives and in our relationships?
  • how to navigate and express anger in a healthy way 
  • how to respond in healthy ways when anger & criticism come from others
  • why we often feel helpless and victimized, and what can we do about changing these destructive feelings
  •  the real cause of compulsions or addictions in our lives, and how to respond to them in healthy ways
  • how to find genuine and consistent happiness, in and out of relationships

Loving Groups are Free and open to All men & women. We meet weekly for one hour on Thursdays from 6-7pm in Kealakekua. We practice telling the truth about flaws, lessons, and mistakes, while being accepted.  We learn about giving & receiving unconditional love and practical ways to improve all of our relationships.  No prior experience or level of participation is necessary, although reading and studying the Guidelines found on the link below is highly recommended.  Anyone can implement the principles. What you need most is guts to take the next best step toward your happiness and reach out to those who can help. 

 For more information about our group, including local events and Free Daily Conference Calls, go to www.meetup.com/Kona-Loving-Groups, and join us for access to the full schedule and documents including Guidelines.

If you have any questions including how coaching works,  contact me.

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