Davina Mar

Unconditional Loving Life Coach      Spiritual Guide

Whatever struggles you may be going through, including recent breakups or old traumas, if it is your heart's desire to experience greater health, happier relationships, enjoy wealth, and express yourself creatively, you can lean on my faith and allow me to be your Spiritual Practitioner.

The subconscious mind can be transcended by practicing the spiritual principles and Truths of ancient wisdom as taught by Hermes, Plato, Taoism, the Buddha, and Jesus (to name a few).  As a Religious Science Practitioner, I am here to assist.
 Call me if you'd like a session with a prayer customized for you.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for Peace of Mind (by Davina Mar)

Right here, right now, I Know there is an Omnipotent Power, which is everywhere present.  Whether I call it Mother-Father-God, Divine Intelligence, Great Spirit, Source or Infinite Love, I know It is Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Harmony and Success, and I Am one with It.  Everywhere I look I choose to see beauty.  Even in the midst of chaos, I know peace resides, as in the calm of a storm, and I connect and breathe into that haven within me.   I live each moment as it comes, awake and aware of my innermost thoughts and surroundings.  I know that I always have choice and allow fearful thinking to fall away, so I may see options more clearly.  I I trust Spirit to guide, guard and direct me with every breath and step I take.  I celebrate the progress I have made, and gather strength through my faith to take steps toward inner peace, and be a calm, confident, and compassionate being.  With a gracious heart and mind, I let go of any pain, fearful thoughts, or misgivings.  I let my word go now, knowing that it returns multiplied, for the highest and best of everyone involved.

And so It is.