Davina Mar

Unconditional Loving Life Coach      Spiritual Guide

Donations, Tithing, Love Offerings, are a way to show support for that which feeds you spiritually and emotionally.

To the right is a button for donations, because I am open to receiving financial support, to expand our community.  Our groups are on a “Love Offering” basis, and sometimes attendees want to donate, yet don't have cash with them.   Your donation (of any amount) is graciously appreciated, as it helps me share the principles of unconditional love with more people. 

If you are interested in sponsoring Loving Groups through financial donations, please visit www.meetups.com/kona-loving-groups.org

Loving Groups is going worldwide, and is also looking for support in expanding what we do in amazing ways.  You can donate to Loving Groups directly at  www.loving-groups.org   To go to the next level, Loving Groups is building capital to fund many things including:  completing the  Non-profit process, acquiring the next Loving Groups home, and adding additional staff members to help handle trainings and larger volumes of Meetups in cities.


Mahalo for your kokua!!  (Thank you for your support!!)