Davina Mar

Loving Life Coach   Spiritual Guide   Safe Conversations Facilitator


Are you wanting more love in your life?  Need relief from struggle and/or trauma?  I can help you gain insight into confusing situations and understand Universal Principles, so you can experience more peace of mind & happiness.  Call me for a Free 30 minute consultation.  If you are needing more time to talk and truly be heard,  schedule a 2-Hour Initial private session with me for $75.  Then we'll see if coaching with me is a match, and how I can help alleviate the blocks that keep you from enjoying life more fully.  Call me: 808-938-8452 

For those who are committed to changing life patterns that don't lead to happiness, I offer various private coaching packages and all-day immersions.

Spiritual Guide

If you are experiencing issues or challenges in the areas of Health, Wealth, Work or Relationships,  you can lean on my faith as we explore living life more joyfully.  Go to my Web Store to prepay.

FREE HUG T-shirts  100% Cotton $20/each

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Guitar Music by Brian Nakasone & Vocals with Davina Mar

Songs from the Heart, originals and other treasures.

Go to Webstore to book us:  $100/hour