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Aloha & Mahalo for Checking In

Aloha is more than just hello and goodbye.  Aloha means "to be happy with" and mutual regard & affection with no obligation in return.  Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to  every other person for collective existence.  Aloha is Unconditional Love!

Mahalo (thank you) for visiting this website:  I am a Loving Life Coach and Spiritual Guide focused on Compassionate Communication and Conscious Relationships.  I utilize Universal Principles taught by the mystics, and if you are ready to experience more Joy, Love and Peace in your life and relationships, I can help.      If you are not sure what to do with anger, confusion or fearful thoughts,  I can teach you how to navigate the low-vibration emotions, so you can bring out your best.   Attending weekly meetings and daily conference calls are helpful in re-wiring the brain.  Call for FREE Half Hour Consult.   For those wanting to move through old programs faster, I offer Private Coaching by appointment.  Two-Hour Initial Session is only $75 to see how we work together.   Sessions can be in person, by phone, FaceTime or Zoom,  and the full coaching program includes 10) one-hour (up to 1.5 hour) weekly sessions, daily journaling with homework assignments and responses, brief check-ins during the week, and a network of Free Support available through Loving Groups.   See my Web Store page for more info. 

LOVING LIFE COACHING OFFICE in Keauhou Shopping Center is a comfortable space for private consultations, conscious relationships practice, and coaching sessions!  Call me for an appointment 808.938.8452 or email me through this site or at [email protected]

LOVING GROUPS is a non-profit organization based in Phoenix, AZ with certified coaches, hosts, and loving friends dedicated to practicing unconditional love.  For more info go to www.loving-groups.org  While on the site, Click on Free Conference Calls to see Schedule.  On the site, Click on More to also see our Suggested Reading List and  learn about Safe Conversations (developed by Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt).  For more info, go to: www.relationshipsfirst.org

KONA LOVING GROUPS has weekly meetings for men and women, as well as social events!  We enjoy having fun together like going to the movies, beach time, monthly birthday potluck/kanikapila, etc.   To find out more:  visit and join www.meetup.com/kona-loving-groups for the full list of Calendar Events.  

FREE 1-HOUR CONFERENCE CALL EVERYDAY.  I host the Monday Call at  9AM Hawaii Time.  Find out more about the work we do.  Dial into 605-472-5707, Enter Access Code: 593774.  If someone is speaking please wait until asked to announce yourself.  Let the sharing, caring and ah-ha's unfold...

SAFE CONVERSATIONS PRACTICE GROUP  is for men and women who want to grow their heart muscles.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at New Thought Center of Hawaii 6-8pm.   This is for singles and partners who want to learn and practice communicating with kindness, positivity, and respect.  Developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt of RelationshipsFirst.org, we are learning how to share appreciations, as well as talk about upsets and concerns in a conscious, loving way.  Practice Group Cost: $10 per person. If prefer a Private Session: $75 for 1.5 hours by appointment. Call me 808.938.8452.

Recently I presented my talk "Embracing Grief " at New Thought Center of Hawaii, with exercises I find helpful in processing riding the waves of intense, unhappy emotions.   I recommend Finding Meaning by David Kessler (2019), who co-authored books on grieving and death/dying with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. 

If  you wanna know about Loving Groups' offerings, sign up to receive the E-Newsletter.  It's Easy:  Text the phrase FREEHUGS to 22828, and when you get response, type in your email address, OR go to loving-groups.org and click on the Sign-Up Now button.

BOOK STUDY: Last year several of us met weekly to read, discuss, and do the meditations in the life-changing book,  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  by Dr Joe Dispenza  (2012).   We learned how to "Lose our mind and Create a New One",  by breaking the addiction to stress and stagnation, and understand the quantum field and meditating.  If interested in hosting or being part of a Meditation Group based on the book, let me know.  See one of Joe's many YouTube videos on the Inspiring Music & Videos page of this site.

As a certified Unconditional Loving Life Coach, Spiritual Practitioner, San Conversations Facilitator, and Leader of Kona Loving Groups,  I am honored to offer individuals and families support in moving through past trauma and recent upsets in a safe place.  Loving Groups meets weekly for 2-hour practice in multiple cities around the  USA and in the UK.  Most can be joined via Zoom.  Kona Loving Groups meets from 6-8 PM in Kealakekua on THURSDAYS.  Unable to make it in person?  ZOOM in.  Download the app, and a couple minutes before the meeting starts, ask to be added to the video conference.  

Together we are learning about Unconditional Love, while practicing being more loving to ourselves and whoever is around us.  We study Universal Principles and realize to change requires intention and daily practice.  'Is easier when you don't feel alone in taking steps so a community of loving, supportive friends is just a phone call away!

Mahalo for your visit!  Call or write me if you'd like to have a complimentary mini-session.   I look forward to Being with You!

Heart Smiles

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