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Davina Mar

Loving Life Coach  *  Spiritual Guide  *  Heart-2-Heart Connections

Heal Pain and Live Aloha Now

Ready to take steps toward goals with greater peace of mind and joy  in your life? Call Today for FREE Laser Coaching Session (if no answer, leave a voice message of what's up and best time for me to call you back). Ready to do a deeper dive?  Schedule a 2-Hour Initial Coaching Session for $80* and find out how we work together. (*Individual/ $100 for a couple)

HOLIDAY COACHING SPECIAL One-Hour Sessions are on sale for $60/Individual.   Purchase Six One-Hour session package for $350 for a 40-Day program to be used by JAN 31, 2023. Pay via Venmo (Davina-Mar) or at Web Store on this site. Call me to schedule your sessions. The best ways I prefer we meet are in person, FaceTime, or Zoom.  (Couples are $80/hour OR $450).


  For all of us who are in relationships, no matter what kind, we get frustrated, hurt, angry, annoyed, and don't understand the real reasons.

This is where Davina comes in. With laser focus and knowledge/experience, she helps you get back to feeling better and owning our part.  She is an invaluable resource for everyone!" - Julie in California


 “Davina's life coaching helped me have better relationships with everyone. She subtly guided me to realize a better way to do things, and all with a sparkle in her eye.” - Shana in Hawaii


“Thank you for always enlightening me, helping me see a bigger picture and rewrite old programs. I’ve grown so much with your coaching - couldn’t do it without you, Davina! So appreciative of all you do!!” - Minoo in Hawaii


“I am so grateful I was led to the unconditional love principles and Davina. This work, unlike anything else I’ve done (and I’ve done a lot!) has been incredibly and truly life-shifting for me. Davina is a very wise spiritual guide who is steadfast, generous, supportive, very loving and unfathomably patient. She was meant to do this! I am grateful for her guidance, love and wisdom on my journey.” – Addie in Colorado


“I have been blessed to have done coaching with Davina. She has led me along my journey to find peace and unconditional love in my life. She has been a source of spiritual and mental growth. Her kindness and brilliance has been life changing. She is a bright sparkle in this world.” - Ann from Houston


“I have been carrying around anger toward my dad for my entire life. I am 73. A few months ago over the phone Davina processed me so that i was able to forgive him. After Davina and I talked I got sick to my stomach. The next day I felt fine. Over the next few months I started to fill up with a feeling of love for others that I have never before felt. I realized that by ridding myself of that anger it allowed more love to come in. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. There is soooo much peace and love in my life. This past year has been the best year of my life. Davina is a big part of that reason and of course God. I am also very blessed to have a very loving and supportive family who have stood by me. Life is good. Blessings Love and Hugs to all who read this💚. Thank you Davina💚” - Patty in San Diego

COACH WITH ME to learn & practice being in the vibration of love!

Got questions about coaching? Call Me at 808.938.8452 OR send email:

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Mahalo for reaching out. We will get back to you as soon as possible

"Love is the Answer Whatever the Question."

I use and teach universal principles of unconditional love. As you learn and use them, you will feel more loved and increase your ability to share unconditional love, leading to happier relationships.

If you are ready to free yourself from outside influences, so you can enjoy more peace, acceptance and joy in life...

Call me Today