Davina Mar

Life Coach  *  Spiritual Guide  *  Heart-to-Heart Conversations

We are Lifelong Learners;  on Calls and in Groups, we talk about what's "up" for us,  the ah-ha's we're getting in life, and we practice actively listening with open mind and heart..

My feelings:  Anger, Fear, Frustration, Sadness, Helplessness etc. (see scale for reference) 

My flaws:  Traits of my character which I normally would try to hide from others

My mistakes: Choices I made which I now believe were not the wisest ones, as they did not contribute 

to my happiness

My behaviors (Getting & Protecting behaviors): Lying, Attacking, Acting like a Victim, Clinging, and Running to fill my emptiness, numb my pain, or to protect myself from getting emotionally hurt.

My seeking of Imitation Love: In the absence of Unconditional Love, seeking Praise, Power, and Pleasure to 

fill my emptiness; seeking Safety to protect myself from getting emotionally hurt.

My expectations on other people: Expecting other people make choices for my convenience & my happiness.

My selfishness: Insisting that other people make choices for my convenience and my happiness.

My irresponsibility: Not taking actions to find Unconditional love which will eliminate my emptiness & fear.