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Davina Mar

Loving Life Coach  *  Spiritual Guide  *  Heart-2-Heart Connections

Are you a Lifelong Learner? 

Are you Ready to heal pain from the past and fear about the future? 

Can you observe others and notice how you are showing up in any given situation?

Do you Own your side of the fence and take the path of moving from victim to victor?

In our meetings and groups, we take turns talking about what we're learning about ourself, life, and others. We hold space by witnessing one another on each person's journey. When it seems we're trudging through the muck and mire of mind/body/spirit challenges and issues, we may just need to be heard without judgment, criticism or sarcasm so we can be still and find our way back to peace of mind... Here's how we practice telling the truth about ourself:

My feelings: Glad, Mad, Sad, Grateful, Fearful, Peaceful etc. (use scale for clearer reference)

My flaws: Traits of my character which I normally would try to hide from others

My mistakes: Choices I made which I now believe were not the wisest ones, as they did not contribute

to my happiness

My behaviors (getting & protecting unloving behaviors): Lying, Attacking, Acting like a Victim, Clinging, and Running to fill my emptiness, numb my pain, or to protect myself from getting emotionally hurt.

My seeking of Imitation Love: In the absence of Unconditional Love, seeking Praise, Power, and Pleasure to

fill my emptiness; seeking Safety to protect myself from getting emotionally hurt.

My expectations on other people: Expecting other people make choices for my convenience & my happiness.

My selfishness: Insisting that other people make choices for my convenience and my happiness.

My irresponsibility: Not taking actions to find Unconditional love which will eliminate my emptiness & fear.