Davina Mar

Life Coach  *  Spiritual Guide  *  Heart-2-Heart Connections

β€œFor every opportunity presenting itself, as intentional spirits, we must assess how we are showing up to ourselves and others.” - Dr. Temple Hayes (ordained Unity and Science of Mind minister)


We can rewrite our past and release the low-vibration, heavy feelings of unpleasant memories.   I can help you re-wire your mind/body and move into graceful empowerment.

β€œIt takes more energy to stay in your past than it does to move forward, for you are working against the flow of life.” - Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


When we allow the pain to rise up and choose to see through the eyes of love, our perception changes, everything changes. When we invite new thoughts to generate in us by meditating, envisioning, and operating from unconditional love, we re-write our story. How cool is that? When we use our imagination and rehearse the desired outcome often (as many times as it takes) we re-map our blueprint, and a shift occurs inside us that ripples out. We are transforming an unpleasant event and re-writing our story, the story of all beings. And the future will be different, because we have changed.

β€œBe the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Are you struggling with a recent breakup or in relationships? Experiencing  health challenges?  Having a hard time financially?  Wanting to express yourself creatively?  Lean on my faith and I will listen.  As a Spiritual Guide, I am here to heal and help people heal.   Call for a session and receive affirmative prayer customized for you.  Davina 808.938.8452