Davina Mar

Unconditional Loving Life Coach      Spiritual Guide

In this moment, I recognize there is only One Power, called by many names including God, Great Spirit,  Creator, Divine Love, and Source, with treasures of Love, Peace, Harmony, Health, Joy, and Prosperity.  I know that I am one with That Which Is, for I made in Its image and likeness and have the same qualities within me.  During this holiday season, I choose to have an attitude of gratitude and if I do not have love to give, I reach out for it knowing that Love is everywhere.  I remain open in mind and heart, accepting every day, every person, and every event as a gift, staying present in each moment with ease and grace.  I remember that Happiness is a gift unto the world and There is no spot where God is not.  I take time to relax and visualize that which brings me joy and take steps, great or small, toward Life.  For this and so much more I lam grateful.  I let my word go knowing that which I have spoken is already done.  And so It is. (Amen)

Whatever struggles you may be going through, including recent breakups or old traumas, if it is your heart's desire to experience greater health, happier relationships, enjoy wealth, and express yourself creatively, you can lean on my faith and allow me to be your Spiritual Practitioner.

The subconscious mind can be transcended by practicing the spiritual principles and Truths of ancient wisdom as taught by Hermes, Plato, Taoism, the Buddha, and Jesus (to name a few).  As a Religious Science Practitioner, I am here to help people heal.
 Call me if you'd like a session with a prayer customized for you.