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Earlier this year, while traveling in the continental USA, I got to be at a Sunday Service at the Mile Hi Church in Denver, Colorado. In addition to hearing inspiring music and an uplifting talk, I received a Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) from a loving practitioner. Then, I visited the bookstore and in the hall found myself mesmerized by the above painting called Transformation by Sonya Shannon. I imagined it was me in the story, walking with grace as the burdens of life fell away. 

Here's what the artist wrote to describe her painting above:


The Narrow Gate 

To move forward, we have to let go of our baggage - both material, such as possessions and the work it takes to keep them, and emotional, such as an old resentment of bitterness. Without baggage, we rise to a sublime lightness of being that is our birthright. Our trust in the Universe is restored. Rather than admitting defeat, we ascend into acceptance. Children and adages know this freedom. Today, it can be ours! 

Visit the artist's website to see this and other beautiful works co-created at: www.sonya-shannon.com

Whatever struggles you may be going through, including recent breakups or old traumas, if it is your heart's desire to experience greater health, happier relationships, enjoy wealth, and express yourself creatively, you can lean on my faith and allow me to be your Spiritual Practitioner.

The subconscious mind can be transcended by practicing the spiritual principles and Truths of ancient wisdom as taught by Hermes, Plato, Taoism, the Buddha, and Jesus (to name a few).  As a Spiritual Guide, I am here to help people heal.    Call me if you'd like a session with a prayer customized for you.  Davina 808.938.8452